The victor of the war writes the history.

Don’t let your scars and your cutting write your story for you. Be the author of your own story. You are in charge. Not your desire to self harm. You. You are winning. And you are beautiful.

Anonymous sent: thank you

You’re welcome, sweetie. Stay strong ♡

Anonymous sent: Can I just hug you for making this blog? Honestly, best idea for a blog ever. Thank you so much <3

Thank you, sweetie! I wish I could give you a big hug, too. Along with all of my followers, really. You are so special. All of you. ♡

Anonymous sent: I was going through one of my follower's followers and I saw this blog. It made me absolutely happy to know that there is a blog like this. I've been in depression for 6 hard years. I was hospitalized for a whole month for suicidal ideation, self harm, anxiety, and major depression. When I saw this blog I looked at it with complete awe and I hope that everyone going through this tough part of life knows: it gets so much better. Take it from an experienced. Love this blog. <3

Thank you so much for sharing, sweetheart. It means a lot, and I hope your story will help someone. Even if it helps just one person, I think that’s incredible. I’m super proud of you and your recovery.

Because there are better ways to feel something, if you look for them.

Because you become an inspiration to others who are fighting to stop. 

blueskies--arecalling sent: Your blog saved me tonight.

That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Honestly. Thank you for sharing that with me. Its incredibly humbling to hear. You are beautiful.

(if you cut out of anger)

Because you could rip a stack of paper instead. (3+ sheets)

Anonymous sent: I haven't cut for a while but I think it's time to do it again. I need to. :'(

No you don’t. Self harm can be an addiction just like any other. And fighting it is very difficult in the short run, but so so worth it in the long. You’ll be healthier and happier sooner than you think if you just work against it now.

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Anonymous sent: Is it okay to cut if you aren't loved? You keep saying, "Don't cut, you are loved" but I'm not. I have cut three times and really want to right now. I really want an answer right now... to everything </3

But you are loved. I love you. Just because you don’t see the people who care for you, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It gets better, sweetie. I promise.

Reason # 12

Being able to finally look down at your scars and say “I won.”

-Submitted by Anonymous 

Reason #11

Because you owe it to yourself.

I’m back.

Sorry, I haven’t updated in so long, but I’m accepting submissions, now. Please please submit!


5 Tips For Self Harm Recovery
I self harmed on and off for roughly a year (2011) - I still battle with it every day and I can’t tell you I haven’t cut this year. I decided to make a list of general pointers and things I do to prevent cutting.
1. Draw instead of cutting; When you want to cut, pick up a pen or eyeliner - that’s what I use - and draw on the spot you want to cut.
2. Take a moment to stop and think about what you’re doing and see if you can find a solution.
3. Do The Butterfly Project - I know this doesn’t work for everyone.
4. Distraction is key; do something to keep your mind off it. Listen to music, draw, write, plan. Whatever you want to do. Just do it. Give yourself a distraction.
5. Write a list of reasons why; I sort of said this above, but writing and thinking about why you cut and why you should stop can help and re-read them whenever you feel like cutting.
And remember, you’re worth more than harming yourself.
You’re more than the scars on your body. May your scars be a reminder that you survived.
Recovery is possible and worth it.
&amp; Remember my inbox is always there, if you ever need advice or just want to talk.
Stay Strong.

Reason #10

It’s almost summer.  Tank tops and booty shorts! ;)